Why is Astrology Unhealthy? And why is Mel the Antichrist?

Why is Astrology Unhealthy? And why is Mel the Antichrist?

A disturbing trend as of late is the female preoccupation with astrology. Like the ancient Chinese melting their ant-like brains using the divination text the "I Ching" to dictate their actions on a daily basis, charlatans like Mel use astrology to not only confuse, but also mislead unsuspecting Christ lovers into reading about devil worship and anti-Christ propaganda.

Lets say your Venus is in the third house and your Libra moon is waxing. Mel might tell you this means that your penis is going to fall off within the next 2 weeks, but in reality it means shit all and should be completely ignored. My Venus moon is waning and my hemorrhoids are no closer to healing than they were last month.

The main problem here is that you cannot let an accountant tell you what the movements of the heavenly bodies mean. Sure, she looks like Rosario Dawson, but deep down she is a fraud and it is entirely possible that the best course of action is to lynch this woman. Also this is not racist because I don't know what race she is.

Please end this womans life (in minecraft).

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