The Battle of the Simps

The Battle of the Simps

It's not uncommon for socially inept chatters to fall into the spiral of simping. The effects of lurking people's cameras in a dark room whilst inebriated can lead a person to behave in an unsavory way. Masturbation is a common side effect of simping, as well as people experiencing financial woes and broken hearts. However, recent events in EpikChat have revealed that a new consequence of simping is conflict.

In this particular scenario, the midwest of the US is the home to two paramount simps, Tom and Ron. Both characters are headstrong simpletons who spend countless hours fawning over attractive women online. Initially one would think, "Who cares? What's the harm in admiring God's perfection?" Perhaps the act of simping is harmless in the beginning, but that doesn't appear to be true for Tom and Ron.

It's common for men to become competitive and possessive over their targets of affection, especially in a small community such as EpikChat. This causes simpletons to behave in an aggressive manner towards one another in order to maintain the "alpha" status in their social pool. Ron, in particular, operates from a lack mindset which is a result of his low socio-economic status, thus is prone to instigating conflict with fellow males in his circle to appease himself. Tom, on the other hand, appears to be of a high socio-economic status and operates from the ego. When comparing the two simpletons it is obvious that Tom has the upper-hand, but due to their shared stubbornness it's unlikely that the battle of simps will conclude.

The boil came to a head on a typical boozed up evening on EpikChat after a few hours of simping. The two notorious simpletons made their hatred for one another abundantly clear, which was colored with threats of life, doxxing of personal information, comparing physical attributes and critiquing daily habits. The battle came to a halt several times due to Ron rage quitting during the quarrel, which ultimately worked against him as he resulted to jerking off his Office Depot eraser colored penis to an anonymous chatter as form of de-stressing. As one could imagine, the following night repeated the activities of the prior evening with the additional nudity-filled ammo used by Tom, which then temporarily concluded the battle of simps.

What can we learn from this? It isn't a crime to adore the beautiful creatures that walk this planet, nor is it to financially support them or offer beautiful women your heart. However, one should caution when the positive emotions of fondness and devotion are clouded by competitiveness and jealousy. It's important to know that there is enough room for everybody to thryv and lead a successful and attainable lifestyle as a simpleton.

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