A Treatise on Proper Vaginal Healthcare

A Treatise on Proper Vaginal Healthcare

As of late we (the greater family and Epikchat community) have noticed a particularly pungent smell emanating from a woman who we truly care for.

This necessitates not only a difficult conversation, but also a health lesson that we believe will provide benefits to the broader community. Having excellent vaginal health is something that should be looked at as not only a service to the people you are around on a daily basis but also a personal gift you can give to yourself!

The first thing we will analyze is the stench itself. Mollusks and other sea dwelling creatures sitting in the sun is the first thing that comes to mind, but others have described it as a bear having crawled into a cave to hibernate and unfortunately, dying. Either of these descriptions is apt and do a great job putting a "face to the name" so to speak on the stink that is oozing from Emily's hole.

There are a number of very effective feminine cleaning products that a person such as Emily could utilize to try to mitigate this problem. Amazon Basics offers alcohol free feminine hygiene wipes that are both trendy and cheap. Say goodbye to that room clearing odor! On the other end of the spectrum we have the highest rated feminine hygiene product on Amazon called the "Balance Moisturizing Wash" which is created by a company called Good Clean Love. We hope to God one of these products is effective for the poor girl!

Hitler was known for killing Jews, Croco is known for being into trannies, and Emily is known for the absolutely world ending odor that is coming from her rotten crotch. But it doesn't have to be that way! Use these tips to get a fresher smell and not scare away everyone within a one mile radius. Good Luck!

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