Alright, buckle up, you nosy little gossips! We've got some fresh hot tea to spill, courtesy of Mazzystar and NicknamePending!

So, remember the drama about Mazzystar getting dumped? Well, turns out Ron traded her in for a new fling named Pretzel. Ron incel raged on her, and showed his true nasty colors , when he found out that Shawn and Mazzy were talking, as chat friends. Not only did he attack Mazzy, but he attacked Shawn too. Poor Shawn had to witness Ron's rage, and Rons racist remarks, when he verbally attacked Shawn, with racists slurs. Ron couldn't handle the fact, that Mazzy had male friends on chat, and he went into a full blown rage. I mean who even does that ? Poor Mazzy, she's crying her heart out, and they say she's seeking therapy or whatever the heck sighkology is, at Disney World. Can you believe it? Girl's spinning her chair, for crying out loud!

But wait, there's more! Before the whole breakup fiasco, Ron was getting cozy with someone called Princess. What's even more ironic is that Princess Pretzel is a from a cam-whore token - site. ! he replaced Mazzy for that ?Oh, he tried to act all sly about it, but we know better now! They were all lovey-dovey, and then the Snapchat saga happened. Princess wanted a ridiculous thirty bucks for her precious Snapchat! Seriously, who charges for Snapchat these days?

Now, hold on tight, 'cause this is where it gets sneaky. Ron used cuckchuba or whatever the heck that is to slide into Princess's DMs. Smooth move, Ron, real smooth. They even had virtual movie dates, and I bet he pulled out the sob story about his "dear old mom" being there. Classic manipulation!

And here's the cherry on top: Ron spent a fortune on tokens for this little rendezvous. I mean, talk about being dumber than a bag of rocks! And last but not least, when Pretzel found out, that Ron is living in his mothers basement, she stopped being lovey dovey with him. #Ron4EverAlone

So, there you have it, folks, the latest batshit drama unfolding in the icy streets of Gotham City. Penguins may look cute, but they sure know how to stir up some crazy-ass drama! Stay tuned for more updates, 'cause you know the gossip never stops with these flightless bird-brains! XOXO!

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