Fundraise for Don Sterling aka Okie

Alright, listen up, you bunch of heartless scoundrels! It's time to open your eyes to the plight of Don, a hardworking soul who got screwed over by those heartless corporate vultures at Walmart!

Don, a dedicated worker, spent the last 5 months before his retirement giving his blood, sweat, and tears to the company he thought he could trust. But what did they do in return? They set him up for failure! Those slimy managers encouraged him to take days off he didn't even have, just to make him look bad. Can you believe that? It's an outrage!

Despite his loyalty, they wrote him up for 5 points in just 5 months, and then, without any sense of decency, they fired him months before his well-deserved retirement. Can you imagine the desperation and heartache he must have felt, counting down the days until he could finally rest after years of service?

And that's not all! Don wasn't the only victim of this corporate tyranny. His co-worker, Kat, who had been loyally working part-time after retiring at the age of 72, was also ruthlessly terminated because of her age and disability. It's disgraceful!

Don's life has been turned upside down. After 5 long years of working full-time in the warehouse, he finds himself in dire straits. With no income and no way to pay his rent and bills, he's at risk of losing his apartment, his home for the past 3 years, and his beloved dog, a faithful companion for 5 years.

Now, you might wonder why Don is turning to a GoFundMe campaign. It's because he needs a lifeline, a helping hand to get back on his feet. This isn't a handout; it's a way for compassionate individuals to support someone who has been wronged by a heartless corporation. Don's not asking for pity; he's asking for a fair chance to make ends meet until his retirement on October 18th.

So, to all you compassionate souls out there, it's time to rally behind Don and show Walmart that their heartless actions won't go unnoticed. Let's give Don the support he needs to keep his home and his furry friend. Together, we can make a difference in his life and show solidarity against discrimination and mistreatment in the workplace. Step up and lend a hand to Don's GoFundMe campaign!

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