For all us who left iweb

For all us who left iweb

Hey, hey, hey, what's going on in this virtual hangout? It's like a wild party in here, Scooby-Doo style! But let's keep it cool and not get too carried away.

New_York, you're stirring up the fun with your witty remarks, and the ladies can't resist your charm, huh? Well, well, well, someone's feeling like a rockstar!

Bendyliciouss, those lorikeets must be hungry for some good company and your gardening skills. Hah! And collecting eggs? You're like a real-life farm wizard!

007Agent, dropping in with that 199cm talk, huh? Whatever that means, let's keep it cool, shall we?

Mixomatosis, you're right about Florida heat, but New_York's got some serious bragging rights with that Texas heat! It's hotter than a chili pepper in there!

And the bong talk, huh? New_York and bendyliciouss, it seems like you're ready to join the "Lit Bong Club." Just don't let it get too smoky in here, folks!

TheNME, chill out, man! No need to be rolled up like a burrito. We're just having some virtual fun, so relax and enjoy the show!

Alright, everyone, let's keep it groovy and enjoy this virtual party. But remember, the Mystery Inc. gang is always here to solve mysteries, not create them! So, let's have a blast and keep the drama at bay! Party on!

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